Clairvoyant Training Program (Part 2)

The Clairvoyant Program Part II is an advanced program to help you increase your certainty in the use of your intuition as a reader and further your understanding of yourself and of your spiritual growth.


This Five-Month Program includes 20 Lectures plus monthly Comprehensive Readings
Examples of 20 Lectures:
* Creative Rings & Running Personal Power-A new way of running energy!
* Re-setting Your Analyzer
* Core Pictures
* Kundalini Energy
* Genetic Entity
* Report Stations
* Improving Your Memory Banks
* Remote Viewing
* Sympathetic Nervous System
* Machines
* Picture Making Machine
* Aliens/UFOs
* 8th Chakra & Accessing Your Higher Self
* How to Complete Karma
* Assisting with Death
* Parent/Child/Adult and more


NOTE: Classes are held over the phone.

  • Email Alba

    To talk with Alba call 562.366.3331 or fill in this form .

  • $225 per month or $1125for the five months.

    Please make payment via PayPal, money order or check no later than one week before the start of class.

  • Cost of Clairvoyant Training Unit Two
  •     P. O. Box 14704 Long Beach, CA        562.366.3331          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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