Aura Reading & Spiritual Counseling

The aura is the electromagnetic field around your body. The layers of your aura reflect your information at an energy level. An aura reading validates your existence as a spirit and gives you an overall look at your spiritual space, and you may focus on and ask questions about specific areas of your life – past life karma, spiritual path, health, career, money, love relationship, and other issues of your interest.

A Spiritual Healing can be integrated into the aura reading to help you shift your energy to a happier healthy higher vibration.

In a healing, spiritual techniques are used to clear your energy centers or chakras, your energy channels, and layers of your aura. As you release energy that is not in affinity with you, more space is created for you to experience your own spiritual vibration, feel lighter, more empowered, and enjoy more clarity and awareness.

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  • Cost of Aura Reading & Spiritual Counseling
  • $120 for a one hour session.

    Please make payment via PayPal, money order or check.

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